Schedule Analyzer Enterprise Forensic

Delay Claims Software

Schedule Analyzer Enterprise Forensic™ (eForensic) is entirely seperate and different from our SA Pro and SAe packages. There is no overlap in functionality. The following modules are included as a single package,

summarizes and catalogs all of your available schedules. These schedules may be in XER or XML file transfer formats or they may already be installed in the enterprise database. Count and summarize all major characteristics of every schedule like this sample report

Quickly list the Critical Path of any schedule and that of all attached Baseline Schedules without the need to unattach the Baseline Schedules. Create this report in seconds. 

List all resources in the database and the schedules using them along with their committed period as in this Labor Resource report. We also produce similar reports for Nonlabor and Material resources as separate reports. Now you can be sure of getting every schedule that can possibly interact with your schedule.

Compare P3 to P6™ performs a source comparison of your P3 and P6 schedules, organizes, and reports on all technical differences. Don’t analyze a converted schedule until you understand how good the conversion really was. See this startling example of the analysis of a simple P3 import into P6v7.

Conformer™ will check to see if the dates and status in your schedule are not superseded by later changes in other schedules. Don’t perform any analyses until you are sure you are using the correct status. Here is an example of the output.

Corrupt Files Checker™ checks your schedule files for important errors that the P6 Project Integrity Check does not. Corrupt Files investigates 20 different P6 database tables for logical errors. Here is a sample report

Date Calculator™ computes the differences between any two dates in calendar days, weekdays, and workdays. Date Calculator is to a Scheduler what a ‘10-Key’ is to an Accountant.

Half-Step™ will create a half of a schedule update separating the status changes from the logic changes. Investigate what would have happened without logic changes!

Investigator™ will research any P6 schedule to identify the hidden audit information what was added to the database beginning with P5.

Out-of-Sequence Report™ documents your schedule’s out-of-sequence progress in a way that helps you to begin monitoring and documenting your delays and disruptions. We think that is illistrative to show you what P3, P6 and our Out-of-Sequence Report would look like for the same activity.

The best part of this analysis is the final statistics section where we compare the number of activities that started out-of-sequence to the total of started activities. We also present the average period of this early start. If a significant portion of the work started earlier than the schedule allowed and if this early start was of a significant amount of time, then one can reasonably assume that the schedule did not adequately describe the actual workplan. Can you think of a better, simpler way to present this argument than this?

Schedule Rebuilder™ changes copies of later schedules into ones that are accurately and objectively modified to reflect what the schedule would have indicated as the current status for any given data date.

Advanced Schedule Analysis! Adjust your new As-Planned schedule for As-Built durations and logical early starts. Now you can have it all; an un-statused schedule that reflects actual activity durations as well as mirroring the As-Built logic of actual early starts and activity overlap. Creating the As-Built Logic (hard) as well as the As-Built Durations (easy) is the secret of creating schedule that closely resemble the As-Built Schedule, only with Total Float and a Critical Path!

Related Schedules™ lists every inter-schedule relation and summarizes the extent of the overlap. It also explains how the particular issue may affect your schedule import. View a sample report here.

Trace Logic™ lists your relationships including internal data that you have never seen before. Afterwards, you can instantly trace the logic from any activity in an intuitive, interactive outline format. Here is a sample report.

Workday Calculator™ reads your schedule and builds a database of workday numbers for each day for each calendar used in your schedule. Convert dates to workday numbers and back again.