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A dedicated area to present detailed insight and analysis on available tools along with information on their resellers and training providers. We currently has following software with their key features along with an analysis by PCO Subject Expert to aid in practitioners decision making process. For products which are not visible or where we are yet to publish the information such as resellers, training providers and/or Expert Reviews, we suggest their representative to contact us for T&C's.

Please use the links from categories below :  

Enterprise/Integrated Tools   |   Planning, Scheduling and EVM Tools   |   Cost Engineering & Estimating Tools   |  Risk Analysis & Measurement   |  Delay Claims & Forensic Schedule Analysis |  Third Party Software Downloads 

Enterprise/Integrated Tools 

Oracle Primavera 
Evengine Project Control 
- Ares PRISM
- Cleopatra Enterprise

Planning, Scheduling and EVM Tools

PrimaveraReader - Expert Review
Spider Project
Schedulecracker - Expert Review |Training Providers | Resellers
Acumen Fuse - Expert Review |Training Providers | Resellers | White Papers/Case Studies
Phoenix Project Manager 
Asta Powerproject 
Microsoft Project
MPI : Micro Planner X-Pert
Project Kickstart Pro 5
Prediction Plus 
- Safran
- Schedule Analyser (3rd Party Software)
- Wireless Gravity
- XENA - Primavera Configuration Utility (3rd Party Software)
- Steelray Project Analyser
- Tilos
- XER Manager Executive Portlets (3rd Party Software) | Suppliers
- XER Tookit (3rd Party Software)
- Comviz Calender (3rd Party Software)
- Change Inspector (3rd Party Software)
- CCS Candy (more info coming soon)
- Schedule Auditor by ProjCon (more info coming soon) 


Cost Engineering & Estimating Tools

- Que$tor (Information coming soon)
- Monitor
- HardDollar
- HMS TimeControl
- SWS ChainLink
- Vico Control (BIM based software)
- HQ Control
- Skire
 OS (By Nomitec) - Information coming soon

Risk Analysis & Measurement

- Barbecana
- Palisade (Information coming soon)
- Primavera Risk Analysis (Information coming soon)
- Deltek Acumen Risk (Information coming soon)
- Xactium

Others - Delay Claims/Forensic Schedule Analysis, Contract Management, BI Business Intelligence & Document Control/Management

- CEMAR Contract Management (Information coming soon)
- eB Insight Document Management  (Information coming soon)
- Tableau Business Intelligence and Analytics (Information coming soon) 


Third Party Software downloads

- P3 Version 3.1 Service Pack 3
- SureTrak Version 3.0 Servic Pack 3 (SureTrak Version 3c)
- Pervasive ODBC drivers for SureTrak and P3 - for Windows 98 and earlier
- Primavera Contractor Hot Fix 1 - resolves hidden header and footers issue on printouts
- Primavera P3 SDEF Convertor
- Primavera P6 Version 7 SDK xls files for importing data
- Oracle® E-Delivery Web site -This is an Oracle site where you may download Oracle product that is currently available to license. A 30 day trial use of software is available, please read the Oracle license agreement before downloading.

We are in the process of expanding this section with  many other tools so keep checking this page more often......


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Primavera Reader