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Brexibility [#eVa22]

Resilient Relaxed Resourceful Ready Agility Adaptability Flexibility

[ Up to 15 hours of Professional Development ]

Brexibility - eVa22

▸ Conference: Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th May 2017
▸ Venue: Armourers Hall, Moorgate, View map

Brexibility: This year EVA focuses on the New Normal. A fantastic place for a kick-start and a reboot of Project Controls in your career, your projects and your life.

Speakers include:
Alison Messom , Chair of the Clinical Research Institute outlines the challenges presented by Brexit for this currently UK based organisation.
Sandi Rhys Jones, Trustee of UK Engineering and compulsive constructor urges us to focus on Wellbeing. Our own and the people we work with.
Matthew Riley, Managing Director of Ramboll thinks it's time for Project Controls to pull its finger out and make more out of Digital Engineering.
Chiara Mainolfi, APMG Italy Region manager and champion of Talent Club thinks no-one should get left behind. She got 50 unemployed women jobs in IT and thinks it can be done in the UK, even for men. Above all in a time of serious skill shortages.
Steve Messenger, Chair of ABC thinks that the arrival of Agile Portfoilios will make the truly benefits driven portfolio actually work . He might be right.

There is nothing better than a perceived crisis to make people get serious. In times of prosperity many of you will have seen how slack and undervalued Project Controls and Governance can be. But we have entered a window of opportunity to have another go at getting things right.

Governance that really does join projects to portfolios. In an agile flexible way.

Project Controls central to the PMO toolset, properly managed and executed. A proper career path with some qualifications!

Performance Management which is understood implemented and used.

Getting your voice heard, your input sought and valued. There has never been a better time to prove your worth, to get the attention of the people at the top. Or you might be at the top wondering whether to jump. Come along talk listen learn discuss and see where it leads you.

As ever, #eVa22 will be different, entertaining and informative. Dinner will be served in the Hall by candlelight.

Attendees are middle to very senior professionals with interests in project management generally, project controls, earned value and wanting to learn more about wider issues of transformation, successful change and benefits-driven portfolios.

They will also be very keen to set Project Controls onto a formal career path this year and are looking for like minds who will lobby for and champion this, as well as networking and business leads.

Government Pharma Defence Aerospace Construction Utilities Transport Power Generation and IT sectors are represented.

The up to date conference programme is here.

Government Defence Aerospace Construction Utilities Transport Power Generation and IT sectors are represented.

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Steve Wake

Producer Promoter Chair

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mobile: 0788 764 4125
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