Frequently Asked Questions
1) I am not receiving emails/alerts from What's the matter ?
A) Please add in your address book list to avoid it getting into your SPAM folder.

2) How do I register as a recruiter?
A) Due to data protection act, we cannot grant Recruiter access to this portal without verfication and hence created a special registration request for them. Recruiters needs to first provide the required info by clicking here and our customer support staff would then validate that data before granting the required access level.

3) I'd like to advertise and/or sponsor Whom should i contact ?
A) We welcome individual and companies to sponsor our portal and placing adverts. There are multiple options and hence we suggest you to please contact us for our "Media PacK" at to know more about it.

4) Some links are broken and need to be fixed !
A) This could be possible as we are continuously improving our site map to serve you better. Please write to us if you spot such broken links at We always appreciate your feedback.

5) I am having difficulty in opening/accessing the premium library and training modules.
A) Usually this does not happens however if you encounter any such issue, we will be glad to refund your payment. Of course, please let us know of the exact nature of problem.

6) Can I join as a Volunteer to help this portal grow ?
A) By all means, YES.. We are always looking for people who can help us in achieving the set objectives (Please see "About us" section to find out our goals). If you wish to do so, please write to us at You can also help us populate our Free Library and get us your comments for Guide. Please note all your efforts will be acknowledged by identifying you as a member of team for particular section/feature.

7) The Profile section is too detailed. Why do you need so much of information ?
A) There is a reason for it.. First, we need to ensure only genuine professionals gets access to PCO to maintin the exclusivity and niche design. Secondly, its in member's benefit as only the detailed profile helps them in connecting to right people. It is worth doing this exercise once and we recommend our practitioners to provide all the relavant professional information on their profile.

8) How do I update my profile ?
A) Once you are in your profile, click "Edit profile" to do the needful.

9) How do I set up my job alerts?
A) Once registered, please visit JobZone and you will see "Email Notification" on top right corner (next to job search box). Simply click on it to set your job alerts.

10) What does your logo represent ?
A) Project Controls subject primarily revolves around 3 interrelated aspects i.e., Time, Cost & Risk. Our logo reflects the inter-relationship between these 3 vital components.

11) How do I logout ?
A) There are multiple ways to do this. You can choose to click the "circle icon" (with lock image) on the top right corner of this site. Alternatively, you can see the logout option on the your profile summary box on home page.

12) Can I use your training modules to train other people or present it to my colleagues at work?
A) No.

13) Is the payment/e-commerce is secure on this portal ?
A) We do not hold any financial information. All payments are redirected via Paypal (the most secure way to transact). If you do not have an account with them, you can still use Paypal to pay using your credit or debit card. Please visit their website for further details.  

14) How do I stop alerts/newsletters from PCO ?
A) The only way to do so is the unregister yourself from this portal. You can do so by visiting your profile.

More coming SOON !!