Minimize Client list and Testimonials

We have been providing AACE Certification Training now since 1990 and have trained in excess of 200 delegates.  Below is brief list of our clients and testimonials from our some of the delegates.


Major Clients till date:


Ericsson: Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Philippines

AT&T: Singapore

Nokia: Asia Pacific, Europe

Dames & Moore: Indonesia

UN Projects Office: Malaysia

General Motors: Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, India, USA, Japan

Lucent Technologies: Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Phillipine

Unocal: Bangkok, Indonesia

Caltex Pacific Indonesia: Indonesia

VICO: Indonesia

Freeport McMoran: Indonesia

ARIAWEST (US West): Indonesia

BP: Indonesia and Alaska

ARCO: Indonesia and Alaska

SCN Lavalin: Indonesia

Holden Auto: Australia

Wiratman & Associates: Indonesia

World Bank: Indonesia

ING: Indonesia

Goldman Sachs: Japan, Hongkong

Chevron: Singapore

Foster Wheeler: Singapore

BAE System: Australia

Petronas Gas: Malaysia

Schlumberger: Malaysia

Google: P.R. China

Forio Business Simulation: San Fransisco CA


FLUOR Corporation CA: USA

Dow Coring (Zangjiagang) C. Ltd:  P.R. China


What our delegates has to say via testimonials:


·          “Although you give us so many works and pressure, you are still one of the best teachers I have ever met in my life, thank you very much” : Yan (Esc-Lille)

·         “Really thanks Paul, Let me repeat that you are the best motivating teacher I ever had and your course is something I will promote to my bosses and colleagues”: Andrea Chiaborelli (Saipem)

·          “Excellent.. much more than I expected. Can’t say enough good about it” : Vince Dainotto (Lucent Technology)

·         “Thank you for your great course. It’s a tremendous personal value to me for having participated.” : Wayne Lennon (Ericson Malaysia)

·          “You made a great impression on me with your knowledge and experience : Nana Charlotte Curatola (Ericson)

·         “Definitely would be recommending the course to other folk in my department : Robin Chen (Nokia)

·          “Great program content covering all aspect, it was excellent!” : Mauri Romano (Holden Auto, Australia)

·         “Excellent is not the word for Dr. Giammalvo, his personal experiences and example relating to his work place makes the class very-very interesting.” : Claire Buxton (Esc-Lille)

·         “Very good instruction technique & delivery. Good interaction with group, good group involvement with the training” : Damian Muray, ESB International

·          “Paul, your training is like drugs to me and I am getting addicted on it. You did a tremendous job and definitely it will change the course of my personal and professional life. Thanks for everything guru : Julyan, MetroData, Jakarta, Indonesia, AACE Certification Course.

·         “Paul, Thanks a lot for the time you spent with us. It was really valuable course and I have added new knowledge and techniques to use in my job as a Project Manager : Jehad Karmi, Project Manager Qatar Engineering and Construction (QCON).

·         “Dr. Paul, I really appriciate and every moment spent listening to you : Omar Sabek, Qatar