Welcome to the PCO Training Area

The point of the PCO Training area is to provide a convenient, central location for ALL training related to Project Controls.  Whether the offerings are structured or self-paced, whether on-line interactive or downloadable, whether free or fee-based, and regardless of media ... if it relates to Project Controls, you will find it here.

We have subdivided the education offerings into three categories, which speak to the purpose for the pursuit of knowledge:

  • Technical Training: Educational offerings in this group are aimed at furthering one's understanding of technical subjects, such as processes, techniques, terminology, principles, and so forth.

  • Accreditation TrainingAccreditation is one way that a manager can be certain of a candidate’s ability, be that knowledge and/or experience. Accreditation is not just a fancy piece of paper, signed by some authority, that attests to your expertise. Rather Accreditation is a process in which you prove your technical skills through a series of tests and possibly other demonstrations of expertise. Some say that the process of acquiring a credential is actually far more beneficial that the certificate itself.  The self-discipline and determination required to endure and survive the accreditation process is a testimony in its own right. It is in appreciation for the tremendous importance of accreditation in the professional life of a Project Controls practitioner that we our proud to offer educational offerings that are designed to assist our members in passing these credentialing exams.

  • Software Training: The point of Software Training is to learn how to use various Project Controls software programs. We are in the process of including ALL major tools being used by Project Controls practitioners and the beginning has been made with Oracle Primavera & Microsoft Project.

As with many other locations within ProjectControlsOnline, the PCO E-Learning Alcove is in development.  As we negotiate and secure agreements with leading educational services providers from around the globe, we will add them here.  So check back often.