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Complete Lifecycle Management with PRISMG2

In today’s dynamic world, an Improved planning, budgeting, earned value management, performance measurement and cost control have become very essential for reducing project risk and secure on-time, within budget delivery. In addition, capital projects are also increasing in size and scope and are under constant scrutiny. With an integrated cost management solution, PRISMG2 helps organization reduce project risks by aligning cost and schedule throughout the project lifecycle :

• Combine budget, committed costs, resource requirements, and schedule dates

• Effectively communicate project performance with statistically-accurate estimate at completion information

• Complete and comprehensive earned value

For over 15 years ARES Project Management, LLC. Has helped owners and contractors manage and controls capital projects more effectively. Integrate and standardize processes from Cost Management, Engineering, Procurement, and Contracts to Construction and access real-time Project Intelligence with the only complete, integrated project management solution – PRISMG2.


To reduce project risk, and secure on-time and within budget delivery, an improved planning, budgeting, earned value management, cost control, and performance measurement are of a great necessity. For an easy and secured role-based access to all the above mentioned features, owners and contractors are now implementing PRISMG2. With more than 30 algorithms supporting even the most complex progress measurement, PRISMG2 is the clear winner for complete cost control.

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Today, capital projects are increasing in size and scope, and are under far more scrutiny. Improved planning, budgeting, earned value management, ]cost control and performance measurement are imperative to reduce project risk and secure on-time, within budget delivery. To adopt standardized processes, owners and contractors are implementing PRISMG2 to provide easy, secure, role-based access to budgeting, progress and performance measurement, earned value cost and schedule analysis, change management, funds allocation, cost forecasting, and reporting.

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PRISMG2 Engineering is designed for budgeting engineering tasks and deliverables by hours and quantities to calculate progress achieved. It helps an easy understanding of the progress percentages from engineering tasks and link them to budget line items for accuracy in performance measurement of overall progress and Earned Value Performance.

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PRISMG2 Procurement provides the required functionality to manage the complete procurement process for any size or type of project.

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PRISMG2 Contracts is an essential contracts management tool, whether you are an Owner, EPC or Construction Management firm. Benefits to its customers are: • Provides solution to create Prime Contracts, • Manage Request for Proposal(RFPs), • Conduct bid analysis • Award committed contracts, • Facilitates complete payment processing. The result – complete revenue tracking and cash flow.

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PRISMG2 Construction is an essential progressing tool for efficient and timely status updates from the field. • Keep your team (including contractors and subs)on track By identifying critical issues when tasks are going over budget or falling behind schedule • Report accurately the progress based on hours, costs and installed quantities with user-defined rules of credit for complete performance measurement. • Get alerted to issues in a timely manner allowing the rapid development of corrective actions to keep your projects on-time and within budget

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The new version of PRISM is much advanced and makes it much easier to oversee all moving pieces throughout the project lifecycle:


It is now possible to achieve a complete project lifecycle management with the help of PRISM and its updated version with advanced capabilities and improvements. For a thorough list of enhancements and to download this latest release, current customers can visit the PRISMG2 Support & Training Portal at

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