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Why is P6 the software tool of choice for planning?

Feb 9

Written by:
09/02/2016 21:57  RssIcon

Primavera allows for top level planning as well as being ideal for managing the intricate details. This enables project managers, planners, planning controllers and other associated professionals to have instant access to all the project information they require at the touch of a button. It also means that all parties can be kept updated within one system, reducing duplicate information and keeping everyone in the loop.

There are number of other P6 features which makes it unique and recommended tool for planning and will make a planner or a project manager life easier by providing structure, access to information, monitoring progress and reporting mechanisms capability:-

Perfect for Project-focused Business functions - Primavera project portfolio management solutions are also suited for any company with project-focused business functions such as Construction program management, Capital asset maintenance,  Software system development and deployment, Enterprise investment portfolio management, Resource productivity and capacity planning, Product design, manufacturing, and implementation program management etc.

High performance project management - The recognised standard for high performance project management Primavera handles large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. Organise projects of up to 100,000 activities with unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. Enhanced fiscal accountability to customers to identify common scheduling pitfalls and quickly remedy them. Track costs and gain insight into change orders and forecasts. P6 allows top level planning as well as being ideal for managing the intricate details. All the parties can be kept updated within one system, reducing duplicate information and keeping everyone in the loop. Primavera P6 Implement sound risk management principles, reducing the risks associated with projects such as delays in delivery and resource shortages. It reduces risks of schedule inconstancies, errors, or overrun issues. P6 helps identify and mitigate risks in the course of planning and controlling projects. 

Optimized Resources – It helps to carefully monitor resource availability and adjust scare resources to meet project demand. Furthermore, the software can help identify areas where resource cost may be reduced by analysing trends and costs. Primavera has resource levelling option which is very handy in optimizing resources.

Enhanced visibility – Everything is included in the programme so you can easily see what’s going on with a project at any time.  It allows all data to be entered, tracked and analyzed in one location. An unified project view for all participants and stakeholders.

Improved Forecasting – Having up to date information means that you are able to clearly see where there is likely to be overbooked or underutilized resources and can plan accordingly. As the project progresses, the project may require additional resources/activities to meet stakeholder demand. Within P6 schedulers can create forecasts for resources, activities and other project needs.

Instant and Quicker access – Keeping track of progress with time and resources and getting information whenever and wherever needed. Usage of only one system which gives you all the information needed which saves time and cost by not having to refer different tools.

Tracking Features – The tracking features of Primavera P6 allows to rapidly generates wide range of reports

Enhanced Communication – Projects spanning large geographic areas requires hundreds of workers, engineers and many contractors. Primavera P6 enables executive staff to communicate with other stakeholders easily. Furthermore, notes can be made to the schedule in the software to ensure all users see the message.

Improved Collaboration – Since communication is enhanced throughout a project, it’s easy to see how improved communication translates into improved collaboration. 

Gives Employees user access in schedule creation/update- Site Engineers can create schedule, turn in timesheets and update progress.

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Our comprehensive array of products and services provide powerful, affordable solutions to virtually all aspects of the Project Controls. Contact us to find out how we can help you to build/strengthen your Project Controls capability. For more info, visit us on www.ProjCon.co.uk"


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