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Cost Forecast Checklist

Jan 29

Written by:
29/01/2010 00:09  RssIcon


·            Review Engineering Personnel Schedule

·            Review Actual MH, Productivity, Wage Rates, % Complete, 3rd Party Costs

·            Determine “To Go”

-    Manhours Based On Manpower Loading; Engineering Deliverables

-    Productivity

-    Labor Dollars (Wage Rates, S/T & Avg)

-    Schedule Progress vs. Plan

·            Review actual OH & ID dollars and determine the “To Go” OH/ID dollars

·            Review Qty Trending (Est. vs. Design), Mat’l Take-Offs, Rework, CCNs

·            Risk Assessment of Engineering Costs


·            Review committed, actual and open commitment dollars for:

-    Tagged Equipment

-    Bulk Material

·            Review any outstanding P.O. changes

·            Review Procurement Personnel Schedule

·            Review critical & long lead items.

·            Risk Assessment of Procurement Costs



·            Review Construction Personnel Schedule

·            Review Construction Equipment Schedule

·            Review Direct Labor Actuals

-    MH Expenses By Craft

-    PF Earned By Craft

-    Qty Installed to Date By Craft

-    Physical Percent Complete By Craft vs. Plan

-    Actual Wage Rate, OT By Craft

·            Determine “To Go”: MH, PF, Wage Rates, Labor $, Progress, OT

·            Review Rework, Backcharges, CCNs

·            Review Craft Turnover and Absenteeism

·            Review Construction Material (Shorts) Actuals and “To Go”

·            Review OH & ID Tracking Charts

·            Review Approved and Pending Change Orders

·            Risk Assessment for Construction Directs

·            Review Subcontractors:

-    Current Contract Values, Pending Change Orders

-    Committed, Actual and Open Commitment Dollars

-    Percent Complete, Productivity

-    Manhours Expended

-    Forecast at Completion

-    Risk Assessment for Subcontractors



·            Review E, P, F, C Schedule

·            Review Risk Register & Contingency Analysis

·            Overall FCST Change for the Period

Copyright ©2010 Dave Brown

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Re: Cost Forecast Checklist

All, Please open this blog in any other browser than IE (Internet Explorer) as its spoiling the formatting. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

By Dave Brown on   17/11/2011 16:09
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